What are the best professional dancers in the world?


Dance is a form of art. It is a way of expressing our feelings through the movement of our bodies. We believe that every single person on Earth can dance, since deep in our souls, we all are emotional and sensitive human beings.

Dance is not just a form of art, however. It is a way of communicating with each other and it is a process through which we can express the words we are not able to say by using our voice. Dance goes beyond the technique, you can do nothing with it. You have to feel it. This is why some of the best dancers in the world are lead by their souls and not by techniques. “I’m not so interested in how they move as in what moves them.”, Pina Bausch once said.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

No doubt, Mikhail Baryshnikov is one of the best dancers in the whole world and, moreover, in the history of dance. He is a Russian and American dancer and choreographer, but, more than that, he is also an actor – which makes his performances even better, because a dance is just like a play. You can find many movies in which Baryshnikov starred in and you can also meet him in America, since he is part of the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre.


Gillian Murphy

Gillian Murphy started her career at the age of three. Then, when she was five, she started her dance classes in South Carolina and soon became a member of the Columbia City Ballet. She has performed in a lot of countries, including Canada, Japan, Mexico, the US, as well as Germany and Italy.


Prabhu Deva

Remember those Indian movies where Indian dances lasted for half an hour? We must say that these people do not perform just that style. India has great dancers. Prabhu Deva is one of them and he is considered to be one of the most noteworthy dancers in the world. This choreographer is also an actor, a producer and a film director and has been able to perform various styles of dance.


Les Twins

Les Twins is formed by Larry and Laurent Bourgeois who have been educated in France. Hip-hop is their specialization. They have won the “World of Dance” top prize. The most important fact about the twins is that they are self-taught dancers. They have discovered their passion at the age of two and, since then, they never stopped dancing.

The brothers have performed with stars like Beyonce and Timbaland. If you ever get a chance to see them live, you will be very impressed by what they can do on the stage. It is something you have to see in a lifetime.


What you should know about dance movement therapy


Do you remember Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang from “Grey’s Anatomy”? If you do, then you definitely remember the moments when they started dancing to a song. And, most of the times, it happened during stressful situations. It was like a therapy for them.

Even if it is just a TV show, you cannot deny that dance may be a therapy in real life, too. It can help you express the feelings and emotions that are locked deep inside yourself and do not want to get out. Through dance movement therapy you can unlock them and even not notice it, without feeling the burden of letting them out.



Dance movement therapy is a psychotherapeutic method of creating a perfect balance between movement and emotion. Trainers may perform different styles of movement therapy, starting with ballroom and ending with yoga, which is also a type of dance. While taking part in sessions of this type, you can reduce the daily stress and learn how to manage your mood.



We must mention that during such a therapy, your unconsciousness will be definitely involved. You will learn how to let yourself flow and the unconscious part of your mind will be able to get to the surface. You will have the possibility to express the emotions that have been hidden deep inside yourself. Afterwards, you will certainly notice a relief.


Besides offering the practitioners the opportunity to express their emotions, dance movement therapy is also beneficial to the health of our bodies. Stretching and deep breathing make the muscles stronger and help with preventing injury. Moreover, if you practice this type of therapy, there is a high chance your confidence will improve.

On top of everything, studies have demonstrated that people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease improved their balance and gait function after practicing dance therapy. It is also said that an intervention of this type of classes has affected cancer fatigue in a positive way, as well as the physical status of those that suffer because of this illness.

We all know that dance is great for elderly people, since it has a positive effect on blood pressure and body mass, and it also helps to fight depression. Even if it may be hard to believe that dance can help you if you are depressed, just try it and you will see.

You can do it at home, you do not even need a trainer for this. Just put your favorite songs on, hit play, and dance, move your body in a natural way, let all the pain get out of your chest and you will feel better. Establish this practice on a daily basis and your life will become increasingly better.

Dance is a therapy for both your body and soul, remember that.