Types of Musical Toys for Babies and Toddlers


Music is a very important part of a child’s development and it should play an integral part in its education since it can help in language development, increase neural activity and it is also very fun, especially for babies and toddlers. While you can’t expect your toddler to master any instrument any time soon, there are still many musical toys that you can purchase.

The market is filled to brim with all types of options that you can get, and while it is easy to find a musical toy, it is not always as simple to get the right toy for your child.

Below, we will explore some of the types of musical toys for babies and toddlers available on the market nowadays, and you can also take a look here if you want to see what some of the products we recommend are.

Get toy instruments

If you want your kid to learn how to play instruments at a young age, you can consider getting some of the numerous instrument sets available online. Usually, such products are designed to sound just like the real thing, and that will help with developing early music skills.

Unlike classic instruments, these ones will not cost you a fortune and they feature fun and colorful designs meant to catch your toddler’s attention. Furthermore, they are also designed to be durable since your baby will undoubtedly like to throw them around the room and they are also easy to clean, which are two great parent-friendly features to have.

The types of instruments that you will usually find in these sets include wooden shaking bells, whistles, bells, castanets, egg shakers, pianos, maracas, and tambourines since they are comfortable and safe for babies and toddlers to play with.


Classic toys

You can also purchase classic toys that have a musical spin to them such as dolls, cars, stuffed toys, and more. It is important to note that toddlers, in particular, like to take things apart and pull them back together, so you can start your search by looking for musical toys that fit this pattern.

We found that there are numerous toys that combine learning with music. They usually require the toddler to fit blocks in the right position and that will reward them with a nice song. Some may even include thousands of musical compositions that will help babies and toddlers experiment with sounds, sequences, shapes, and colors.

It is also important to get toys that will grow with your child so that you don’t have to buy new toys after just a week. You can guard against that by looking for musical toys that can be fun to use through the different developmental stages of your baby.

Action figures, plastic toy animals, trains, cars, stuffed animals and dolls are a very good choice. A toddler might use his or her favorite musical stuffed animal to play and listen to the songs it sings, while an older child might use it to act out an imaginary story.